Our Story & Our Team

Our Story

Based out of Austin, we had Facebook when it was still 'The Facebook.' We took what we loved and learned how to apply it to different businesses. We are consistently learning and increasing our knowledge base of social media and online marketing through books, classes, and professional networks. Social media grows and changes every day and we do as well.

Our Team

Monique was born and raised in a small Texas town but moved to Austin almost 10 years ago. She became involved with social media around 5 years ago and fell in love. At one point, others began asking her for advice about Facebook and Twitter and she realized her undiscovered talent and thus Social Media Comet was born. Aside from social media, she has 2 very cute and chivalrous Chihuahuas whom she adores. Monique also has an obsession with frozen yogurt.

Justin has had a desire for media, music, and film since he was a child. He has taken his talents and worked with many clients creating videos, graphics, and more to promote their business. Justin has worked in social media and online marketing for over 6 years. In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar, photography and Mexican food.

Kelly started writing stories, diaries and literally anything she could put pen to paper about when she was a kid, but it was only at University that she realised it could be a potential career. Having worked as a freelance writer for 5 years, Kelly loves her job and in her free time likes to travel the world and party at festivals.