How to Get Your Foot on the Social Media Ladder

Looking at some of the household brands around the world, it can seem like a mountain to climb when thinking about setting up a social media account for your own business. Thousands of likes, followers and active fan engagement isn’t handed to you on a plate, however if you don’t make the leap into social media, then you’ll only get left further behind. To help you get your foot on the ladder, let’s break down the first steps to getting your brand online in the world of social media.   Getting StartedBefore you do a single thing, it’s important to work out which social media accounts you’d like to get noticed on. Facebook and Twitter are obvious choices as the most popular outlets on the internet, although rising stars include the picture hub of Instagram, the creative boards of Pinterest, and the professional social media alternatives of Google Plus and LinkedIn. If your brand or business is new to social media, you might want to choose one o ... Read More